If you think all encoders are more or less the same, then you need to see the knowledge-based TruCode Encoder in action. With a streamlined workflow and intuitive process, the TruCode Encoder helps you find Tru coding productivity. Watch our short video to see how it can significantly improve productivity and accuracy through:

  • Robust coding tools, including our renowned Research pane that enables you to more quickly and easily assign correct codes 
  • Edits that prompt you to assign all necessary codes within the workflow
  • DRG calculation and other reimbursement tools to help determine the most appropriate payment



Ready for the bigger picture of easier, more accurate coding?

Now that you’ve had a peek at what the TruCode Encoder is capable of, be sure to register for our live demo via the form to the right. In this demo, you will see more beneficial features and actual examples of inpatient and outpatient coding. You can also ask questions when the demo concludes.

Please note that this is a TruCode Encoder demonstration and CEUs are not available for this webinar.

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TruCode is an innovator in the medical coding software market, providing an encoder application, components and web services to the hospital, consulting and Healthcare IT marketplace. TruCode was the first to release a complete ICD-10-CM encoder and deliver encoder components via web services. TruCode’s Encoder Essentials fully integrate into healthcare IT technologies including: Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Health Information Systems (HIS) and Healthcare Business Analytics. For more information visit: www.trucode.com