Because they're visiting us at AHIMA.

Designed to work the way that coders do, the TruCode Encoder is the picture of accuracy and productivity. But that’s not the only picture in store at the 2018 AHIMA Convention. 

Stop by booth #337 and snap a photo at our selfie station. Choose from different backgrounds and props, and get a printed photo strip that’s yours to keep. And if you haven’t already discovered firsthand how the TruCode Encoder enables better coding outcomes, you can view a demo and get a free T-shirt.

Don’t plan to attend 2018 AHIMA? Fill out the form at right to register for an online demo.

TruCode is an innovator in the medical coding software market, providing an encoder application, components and web services to the hospital, consulting and Healthcare IT marketplace. TruCode was the first to release a complete ICD-10-CM encoder and deliver encoder components via web services. TruCode’s Encoder Essentials fully integrate into healthcare IT technologies including: Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Health Information Systems (HIS) and Healthcare Business Analytics. For more information visit: www.trucode.com